Thinking of Rewiring your House?

Is your house over 40 years old? Do you frequently have blown fuses, dimming and flickering lights, hot and discoloured switch plates?

These among others are warning signs that you should look out for, it also means it is time you start thinking of rewiring your house and crucially that you consult a rewiring expert. Rewiring, an old house,with old wiring, will help avoid unnecessary electrical shocks that could be life threatening to you and your family, or from the occurrence of electrical fires, due to wear and tear.

Time to Rewire

As mentioned above, if you are living in a house that is 20-40 years old it definitely is a sure candidate for rewiring. Electrical wires have a lifespan of 20 years, check when your house was last rewired. You could be sitting on a time bomb. Rewiring will ensure that the house is brought up to standard with the needs for modern living. If you have a lot of modern appliances in an old home you will struggle with the issue of overloading the electrical system. Overloading the electrical network will ensure that the old cables, that are probably, already worn out, now potentially become dangerous, therefore it needs to be replaced.

Electrical Safety

Safety is given first priority when matters of electricity are at hand. To ensure absolute safety, employ the services of an electrician. A DIY  enthusiast might argue that ”if you have the basic knowledge on electricity, you can save the cost of hiring an electrician”, and therefore, fix and rewire  yourself, either way, you should exercise cursion, because the risks that come with a job gone awry, in this case, can be a matter of life and death. Electrical works in the hands of an unqualified person is like being treated by a quack doctor, the results could be fatal.

Value Added and Appreciation

Taking the step to rewire your house before selling can be a wise decision any house seller should consider. It will increase the value of your house by a commendable amount. You will agree with me that selling a property with ancient electrical systems and wiring will not be an easy task. Potential buyers will be put off by old electrical systems and wiring. Increase the value of your house by finding a qualified electrician to rewire your house and make it stand out as a perfect choice for someone looking for a place to buy.


If you need to remodel or add an extension to your house you will have to consider having a complete rewiring work done on the whole property or partial rewiring work to some parts of the property, an expert electrician should be able to guide you on the best and suitable option.

Having your home regularly serviced by an electrician, over time would be cheaper and more expensive when no regular services had been conducted over time due to wear and tear.

If you decide to upgrade the electrical wiring, in addition to remodeling the building or having an extension, you can expect to spend more. The wiring should be done to check the added extensions electricity load to avoid overloading.

Plan Further Ahead

Look at your house in light of enjoying the property for many years ahead.

Ask yourself questions like:

Will I need a security system in each room?

How many speakers will I need to install?

Will I need Ethernet cable for fast and reliable Wi- Fi?

Will I need to consider smart home technology?

The answers to these questions lie with the electrician. Consulting a qualified one will ensure you consider the dynamic tech world and plan accordingly so that you are not stuck in an “old” house in these modern times. Give all the details of your plans to the electrician so that he carries out the rewiring work with your future plan in mind.

What is the Cost?

The costs of rewiring a house are not constant. They range from £1300-£3000 depending on several factors like where you live, the size of the house, whether the house is occupied or not during the rewiring (Electricians will work faster when the house is empty) and how you prefer the work to be done whether it’s a complex high standard finishing or not. But for the sake of safety and accuracy of work, even if it costs an arm and leg to rewire, any property, it is worth it. Attempting to do it yourself to save costs can be dangerous, instead, seek the services of a professional electrician.


In conclusion, house rewiring is a preventive venture that is geared towards securing your house from fire hazards. It also helps to upgrade the electrical system in your house to modern day electrical needs, especially  in the case of an old house, but whether your house is old or new, beware,  just like you visit the doctor for regular check ups to stay healthy,  ensure that you have an electrician check the wiring system at least once a year.  Take a good look at your house today, you may find that it’s time you called for help.



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